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Do you recall how the screen looks when you search for a keyword on

Playlists Show Up In YouTube Search Results

Playlists Have A Result Section Dedicated Just To Them

YouTube is huge for Internet marketers. If you haven’t been busy on another planet, you’ve already seen these stats somewhere.

If all your traffic is coming only from Facebook and Google, you’re leaving a big empty hole in your strategy. It’s like running a car with one tyre flat. You’re moving, but it’s not fast enough, and you’re forced to watch all those other guys zip by.

You see, YouTube is the third most popular website of the world with 1.3 billion active users, and over 1 billion video views per day. Yes, the world is watching YouTube and if you cannot be found there, you’re letting too much money escape!

Confess it! You were so busy trying to optimize your videos for keywords and rankings that you forgot that there is another powerful way to get traffic on YouTube and it doesn’t require you creating killer videos or possessing an authority channel.

Playlists are a first class citizen of YouTube search results but they are very underutilized because it just wasn’t easy to work with them.

What People Say About Our Product

I started using Playlists extensively on my kids animation channel and that made a big difference. I was able to get thousands of visitors just from playlists. I used to do them manually, but in Platraffic I have everything I need to capture playlist traffic easily. Highly recommended

Abhi Dwivedi,

YouTube Marketer

Wonderful Innovation and well-thought out. I really like the fact that you can add videos from other people and the fact that the playlist can be targeted by keywords and be published to multiple channels simultaneously.
Emmanuel Onyemelukwe

Always love your youtube products… this one seems to be amazing
Marcel Lisboa

Playtraffic looks like a great new tool. I love the way it helps to create multiple playlists with just a few clicks.
John Taylor

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Get Ready For The Video Traffic Boom!
Playtraffic Makes It Incredibly Easy To Get Traffic From Playlists
  • Give yourself a big traffic boost by getting traffic from YouTube playlists.
  • Rank for keywords that you cannot ever rank for with keywords.
  • Get traffic from people who are looking specifically for playlists
  • Get 100% organic traffic that costs nothing at all.
  • 100% Fresh software + training. There’s nothing that does this in the market.
Break Some Traffic Records Mate
Make Playlist Marketing Your Secret Sauce

Powerful software to make playlist marketing easy

Comprehensive training teaches you Playlist Marketing

100% Fresh traffic source that no one has tapped

Ranks you even if you don’t have a top channel

Get views without spending any money or ads

If video is the king on the Internet today, YouTube is the kingdom.

Yes, YouTube has over 20 times the reach, the traffic and the exposure of its nearest competitor. That’s where everyone goes when they want to watch a video. Look at these stats just to make sense of how powerful YouTube has become.

YouTube Totally Dominates Video Marketing
You’re Not Ignoring All of This Traffic, Are you?

A look at these stats make it clear how important YouTube is for your business

If you really want to make money online, YouTube should be your prime target. YouTube is a religion for hundreds of millions of people around the world who visit it every day. Rank on YouTube and you’ll never worry about traffic ever again. No matter what your niche is, how ubiquitous or how rare, it’s on YouTube and so are all your customers.

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Did You Believe You Can Never Succeed On YouTube?
Let This Breakthrough Change That For Once & For All

We understand what you’re facing on YouTube. It’s been around for a little while and smart marketers have latched up to it and won’t let go. Sometimes you feel that there’s no room for YouTube for a new marketer. No piece of the pie left for you cause you’re too late for the party.

Nothing could be further from the truth. YouTube is a platform, just like the Internet itself. As long as people arrive with fresh ideas, fresh breakthroughs, there will be new winners. Admit it, you’ve seen it yourself. Absolutely new people coming out of nowhere and becoming a rage.

So here’s the playlist gameplan.

Secret Revealed
Here’s How You Get Free Traffic From Playlists Forever
Pay Attention, You Can Do It Manually, No Tool Required

So here’s the secret in one line. Something that we’ve done on our channels to get better rankings and used it to get thousands of visitors to our channels every day.

Create a ton of YouTube playlists targeting all the popular keywords of your niche, and put your videos on top, the bottom and random locations inside the playlist.

Simple? Couldn’t be simpler! Yes… That’s all you need to do.

Create a lot of playlists that target every possible keyword in your niche and put your videos first in it.

Your playlists will be discovered on YouTube, and people will play them. Because your videos are on top, they will play first, and also because you’ve put your videos in other places inside the playlist, you’re going to get a lot of views just like that.

Yes, it can be that simple.

This Trick Was So Simple We Discovered It By Accident
You Can’t Imagine What We Did With It Next

Like every other marketer we didn’t concentrate too much on playlists. Just creating some and filling them with our videos for the sake of it.

One day suddenly, one of those random playlists exploded and started sending tons of viewers to our channel. That was a light-bulb moment. A revelation that started an intensive research and resulted into a deeper understanding of how important and powerful playlists can be.

We followed up by creating scores of killer playlists, and capitalizing on every possible keyword niche in our segment.

The result –

  • Our subscribers exploded
  • We got a lot more views from organic search
  • We were able to beat our competition and zoom ahead

One effective change, and everything fell in place.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

A Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Your First Set of Playlists Manually

This is only for the first bunch of playlists. To make this strategy work, you’ll need to do this multiple times a week. In fact, you must do it regularly as long you’re running your channel.

Not Feeling Up To All This Work?

You Don’t Need To Do It. Here’s A Much Simpler Way

Imagine trying to cut down a tree without an axe. Even if it was physically possible, how much longer would it take, and how much more effort would it be. It’s so insane that you wouldn’t ever want to do it.

Playtraffic is your axe when it comes to playlists. Yes, that handy little tool which will make playlists a piece of cake for you and reduce your efforts to a fraction, bringing you the results faster.

The Three Step Playtraffic Playlist Magic

Get Better Results Faster

Step 1

Get Playlist topics with Playtraffic’s powerful niche keyword finder

Step 2

Find & add videos with one-click

Step 3

One-click to publish Playlists instantly or to schedule them

Claim Top Rankings & Traffic Easier
With Playtraffic

  • Easily find tons of, perfect, Playlist ready keywords with just one click.
  • Find YouTube videos from any niche online to put in your playlists.
  • Create playlists containing your own videos and other people’s videos easily.
  • Publish playlists to YouTube directlyfrom within the software.
  • Full support for scheduling. Publish playlists now or any time in the future.
  • Powerful reporting shows exactly how many playlists were created and scheduled.
  • Create and publish playlists to multiple channels all from one interface.

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