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Or simply put PLR the best thing to do when first starting your new info product business is use all three processes. Write some unique content yourself, have some content written for you and use edited and improved PLR products. You could write a great e-book based on the research you have done with PLR content and sell it as a brand new product. I have been successful recompiling a lot of different content into a new product that offers better value for money because it is a one-stop-shop for that topic. Other ways you can use PLR content is to use it as bonus content for your main product, but as I said before you must rename it and upcycle it or people may bypass your product because of other people overusing the original name, graphics, sales videos for that PLR info product.

Another way to increase value is to create courses using this content. Recompile content and create a course. If you are knowledgeable about a subject and comfortable to sit in front of a video or web camera you can create a video course, which is easier to digest for today’s students. People need the bulk of the information shared quickly and in small doses. You could make more money by creating a ‘beginners’ course and then offer an ‘intermediate’ and ‘advanced’ option for those who are interested in specific ways of doing things in your niche. This is why I have a beginners Internet marketing site that offers people the basics of getting their info product onto the Internet. Most people get daunted by the idea of starting a business online today due to the amount of competition and the amount of different things they need to do to even get their product to market. The basics of this can be one product. Once established and online, to build their info product business they would want to know more advanced skills.


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