52 Week Coaching Program with Sales Letter

My friend Sean Mize has created a BRAND NEW internet marketing starter coaching program that teaches your clients:

Week 1: Week 1 Beginner Blitz – Squeeze, Sales, Product, Traffic

Week 2: Week 2 Beginner Blitz – Squeeze, Sales, Product, Traffic

Week 3: Week 3 Beginner Blitz – Sales Letter

Week 4: Week 4 Beginner Blitz – Traffic From Other Sites

Week 5: First $100 Online

Week 6: 1 Recording + Daily Writing = Constant Product Creation

Week 7: Blueprint Training

Week 8: Designing Your Product Line

Week 9: Complete Concise Product Funnel Launch

Week 10: Automated Sales Funnel

Week 11: How to Write Must-Read Engaging Emails

Week 12: Taking Risk

Week 13: Pricing and Advanced Marketer Blueprint

Week 14: How to Come Up With Your Own Unique Angle

Week 15: Rapport Building Email Campaign

Week 16: Dominic Anderton Interviewing Me

Week 17: Advanced Sales Funnel Blueprint Now it’s time to get serious about traffic:

Week 18: Natural Engagement Traffic

Week 19: Relentless Pursuit of Traffic

Week 20: Traffic Case Study

Week 21: Imaging Your Platform

Week 22: Youtube Kickoff

Week 23: Youtube Training Case Study

Week 24: Where Abundance Comes From

Week 25: How to Get Buyer Leads

Week 26: Scaling Your Business

Week 27: How to Launch a One-Year Coaching Program

Week 28: Part 1: 6 Week LifeStyle Business

Week 29: Part 2: 6 Week :LifeStyle Business

Week 30: Part 3: 6 Week LifeStyle Business

Week 31: Part 4: 6 Week LifeStyle Business

Week 32: Part 5: 6 Week Lifestyle Business

Week 33: Part 6: 6 Week LifeStyle Business

Week 34: Entrepreneurial Action

Week 35: Make a Decision About What You Really Want

Week 36: Vision, Focus, Distractions and Victory

Week 37: Format for a Big Membership

Week 38: How to Sell on the Fly

Week 39: Membership Training

Week 40: Membership Sales Letter

Week 41: Membership Pre-Selling Emails

Week 42: How to Launch a One-Year Coaching Program

Week 43: 10 Day Coaching Program

Week 44: Coaching Enrollment Question System Part 1

Week 45: Coaching Enrollment Question System Part 2

Week 46: Coaching Enrollment Question System Part 3 – Closing

Week 47: Coaching Program Sales Letter

Week 48: Diligence for Success Now it’s time to consider building a platform to scale even more:

Week 49: Week 1 Platform Training

Week 50: Week 2 Platform Training

Week 51: Week 3 Platform Training

Week 52: Week 4 Platform Training

So you get 52 weekly lessons, you just put those in your autoresponder or even just let them have access to all 52 lessons up front, right on the download page I send you (or put them on your own page)

Each of these lessons is about an hour-long audio training, mostly very indepth, and will lead your clients to success!

PLUS . . . .I have pre-written a coaching program sales letter –

you just have to put your name on it, personalize it to you, and put your payment link on it and


Your sales letter AND your coaching program is ready to go!

is this exciting?

What kind of difference would it make in your life if you had just 10 clients paying $40 a month?

Or if you had 30 clients paying $40 a month?

Or if you have 40 clients paying $100 a month?

All for about 4 hours of work per month???

If that would be amazing . . .

This entire package of 52 weekly coaching lessons PLUS the pre-written coaching sales letter can be yours today . . .

Now, if I were to price this fairly . . . there’s over 52 hours of instruction, so at $375 an hour – it would be over $15,000 in my time to produce this . . .

PLUS coaching sales letters go for around $1000 or more

So it’s a total value of $16,000

But . . . .

I’m running a short -term test

I’m not even sure how long I’ll leave it at this price

But instead of $16,000

Instead of $5000

instead of $500

I’m running a wso – only special, where the price goes up each time someone buys this

and the price is currently: